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Cotyledon tomentosa 熊童子


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Cotyledon tomentosa 🌵, also known as 'Bear's Paw,' is a charming succulent that features fuzzy, oval-shaped leaves in a gray-green color with reddish-brown tips and margins 🐻🌿.
This plant is native to South Africa and belongs to the Crassulaceae family.

  • 'Tomentosa' prefers bright, indirect sunlight ☀️ and can tolerate some direct sun ☀️.
  • Water thoroughly when the soil is completely dry to the touch 🤏 and be sure to allow any excess water to drain away 💦.
  • Cotyledon tomentosa can grow up to 6 inches tall and wide, making it a perfect choice for small spaces, succulent arrangements, or as a unique addition to any indoor or outdoor garden 🌵🌸.

Cotyledon tomentosa 熊童子

Key To Success

Water your succulents sparingly, only when the soil is completely dry!!! and avoid leaving water on the leaf or letting them sit in water to prevent overwatering and root rot.

For most succulents, WATER LESS RATHER THAN MORE!

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