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Haworthia correcta hybrid f. variegata 丘比特克锦


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🌵 Behold the stunning Haworthia correcta hybrid f. variegata plant! This succulent features elongated, pointed leaves with a unique variegated pattern of green and white. Native to South Africa, this plant is a hybrid of two Haworthia species.

  • 🌞 Light requirement: Bright, indirect light
  • 💦 Water requirement: Allow soil to dry out completely before watering
  • 🌡️ Temperature: Prefers moderate temperatures between 17-27°C
  • 🌱 Propagation: Easily propagated through offsets

🌿 This Haworthia correcta hybrid is a striking addition to any succulent or cactus garden, and its upright growth habit makes it a great choice for vertical displays. It's also a low-maintenance plant that is perfect for beginners.

Haworthia correcta hybrid f. variegata 丘比特克锦

Key To Success

Water your succulents sparingly, only when the soil is completely dry!!! and avoid leaving water on the leaf or letting them sit in water to prevent overwatering and root rot.

For most succulents, WATER LESS RATHER THAN MORE!

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