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Haworthia maughanil 夜光杯万象

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Haworthia maughanii is a small, slow-growing succulent plant with a rosette shape and fleshy, lance-shaped leaves. Native to South Africa, this plant is highly sought after for its unique appearance and low maintenance requirements.

Here is the care information:

  • 💡 Light: Prefers bright, indirect light
  • 💧 Water: Water sparingly, allowing soil to dry out completely between watering
  • 🌡️ Temperature: Ideal temperatures are between 60-80°F (15-27°C)
  • 🌱 Propagation: Propagate by offsets or leaf cuttings

Here are some creative ideas:

  • 🖼️ Add to a hanging planter to showcase the beautiful rosette shape
  • 🌵 Incorporate into a succulent terrarium for a unique centerpiece
  • 🌸 Use in a minimalist arrangement with other small succulents for a modern look

Haworthia maughanil 夜光杯万象

Key To Success

Water your succulents sparingly, only when the soil is completely dry!!! and avoid leaving water on the leaf or letting them sit in water to prevent overwatering and root rot.

For most succulents, WATER LESS RATHER THAN MORE!

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