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General Tips/Techniques for Growing Succulent Plants

General Tips/Techniques for Growing Succulent Plants

Succulent plants are generally easy to take care of. However, the most asked question from succulent beginners is “why are my succulents dead, again?”. This is quite a common thing that happens even for plant experts. This article will bring you the most simple instruction on how to take care of succulent plants. 

In terms of basic planting techniques, the fundamental factors would be watering, planting medium, and lighting. Especially for succulent plants, watering is the most influential factor that may cause succulent plants to get rotted or dead

Please see below for the instruction: 

1. Watering

The simplest way of watering succulent plants is Never Water It Before the Soil is Completely Dry. This could prevent overwatering and cause the root to become rotted which the entire plant may rot as well. You may say that it is hard to determine whether the soil is dry or not as the pot is not transparent. Well, here is a little trick: stick a wooden toothpick into the soil beside the plant. You could decide to water the plant by checking the dryness of the toothpick. However, growing plants should be relaxing and fun, so there is no strict rule that you must follow. Just remember that succulent plants should water less frequently. Note that succulent plants will go dormant during the summer and winter seasons. For most succulent plants, you should water them even less (e.g., once a month).
2. Planting Mediums

Planting mediums for succulent plants should be well drainage and PH neutral or slightly acidic. Regular potting soil with certain amount of perlite would be great. As for more advanced combinations, you could mix you own soil for your succulent plants. A general soil mixing ratio would be: 40% Coconut Coir or Potting Soil, 30% of Akadama soil, 10% of Maifan stones, 10% of Green Zeolite stone, and 10% of Vermiculite. Actual ratio could vary depending on the planting environment and planting mediums could replace by similar soil or stone. 

3. Lighting  

The majority of the succulent plant prefer more sunlight than regular house plants. A bright southeast-facing window side with 6 hours+ light will be preferred. But please remember during summertime, it is better to move the succulent to a slightly shaded area as the strong summer sunlight may burn the succulent plants. 



总而言之,多肉植物作为一种家庭植物相对来说还是比较好打理的。 但是新手们问的最多的问题就是为什么我的多肉又死了?这是非常普遍的事情,老手们也会遇到类似的问题。这篇文章会简单的告诉您如何去照顾我们可爱的肉肉们。

植物种植最基础的三个要素便是,浇水,种植基质,和光照。 尤其对于多肉植物来说,浇水至关重要,水浇的好可以促使它们生根,浇多了便会导致它们的死亡。


1. 浇水







  • Check Back Later, I will post new blogs about all the possible bugs or diseases of succulent plants.

    - Jack Zou
  • Can you cover some knowledge about bug or disease related. My succulent has some black spot on the leave. Not sure why.

    - Joanna

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